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Starters campaign: completing your careers skill-set

- (STARTERS) What are skills needed on the workfloor today?
- FORMAT: Blog article
- CONTENT: Have you been spending your self-actualization budget all wrong? - List of most in-demand competencies (+ some insights about predictors of success: IQ, conscientiousness, grit, psycap, ...) - above 90% spent on college: expensive (40 - 240k according to, not highest ranked and increasingly substitutable with online education... - College degree does come with hard to internalize skills, grounding & meta-skills (critical thinking, analysis, ...), SO it's not all down the drain - The Key point is, however, that we do not spend enough attention on the other key areas for self-development, in which we remain 'incomplete' - It's not that we're all half-wits in these domains; some of these things come more natural to some of us than to others, but it's uncommon to be good at all of these and we just do not get the same systematic development for their development - So here are your best options for development: Coaching (self-mgmt; social skill; sense of purpose; ...); self-instruction (videos: Khan academy, coursera, ...; books:...); activating your own network (social; self-correction (feedback); ....) - TAKE YOUR FIRST STEP TOWARD COMPLETING YOUR SELF_DEVELOPMENT HERE
- REQUIREMENTS: list of recent, US in-demand skills; further self-development options (P Vanhoutte);

  • Wouter Van Bockhaven
  • Aug 23 2017
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